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Cheese Cakes

MACARENA WITH MO : A macadamia nut shortbread base topped with caramelized macadamia nuts in a fromage blanc crème followed by a caramel mousse with honeycomb. This cake is finished with mendiants (raisin, nut, orange/lemon peel, and chocolate) and croquant.

PECAN CHEESE CAKE : A rich cheesecake with a graham cracker crust topped with a pecan pie filling. This is then topped with a lemon cheesecake filling and is baked to perfection. It is presented with pecan clusters and whipped brandy cream.

WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE : A chocolate short crust topped and baked with a white chocolate cheesecake and frozen raspberries. Finished with white chocolate shavings and whipped cream. The perfect Ying-Yang combo.

TUXEDO CHEESECAKE (*Seasonal ) : Vanilla sponge punched with strawberry liquor and topped with sliced strawberries in ganache, and followed by a fromage blanc mousse. The second layer of chocolate sponge is punched with chocolate liquor, topped with strawberry compote, sliced strawberries and a fromage blanc mousse. This cake is presented with whole “Tuxedo dressed strawberries”.

DULCE DE LECHE : A flourless chocolate cake baked with a caramel cheesecake filling with Toblerone bits and then topped with a light chocolate mousse. This presentation is completed with chocolate shavings and accompanied with a caramel sauce.

ORIGINAL NEW YORK CHEESECAKE WITH A DIFFERENCE : A cinnamon graham cracker base baked NY style cheesecake accompanied with the following variations of toppings:
1) Apple topping 2) Lemon curd 3) Strawberry topping 4) Caramel and nuts

LOCA LUNA : A baked cream cheese and chocolate cake on an almond pecan base marbled together and finished with chocolate topping and drizzles of caramel.

AVIKASHA : Two coffee soaked sponge layers with cappuccino marbled cheesecake with your choice of Amaretto and or Almond praline. Finished with gold –flecked chocolate sides and dark chocolate straws.

BROWNIE CHEESE CAKE : A pecan chocolate brownie base followed by a Philly cream cheese mousse and finished with a chocolate glaze.

COOKIES AND CREAM CHEESECAKE : Chocolate chip cookie base topped with a cheesecake center filled with Oreo cookies and chocolate chips. Finished with drizzles of caramel and chocolate shavings.

DESIR ROSE : Layers of almond sponge filled with fresh strawberries and a fromage-blanc-mousse made from original Philadelphia cream cheese.

FRENCH CHEESE CAKE : A light cheesecake on a short crust base with a choice of topping – Blueberry, kiwi or a combination of both.

BIJOUX BLEU : Lemon short crust base topped with whole blueberries followed by fromage blanc mousse topped with a lemon sponge soaked with cassis and finished with blueberry compote.

Mousse Cakes

MDANGEROUS LIAISON : Coffee almond cake marbled with a coffee mousse with almond crunch and a cinnamon mousse decorated with coffee almond macaroons

BARBADOS : Rum soaked walnut sponges topped with rum’s raisins and two layers of vanilla mousse centered with a white chocolate/coconut cream and finished with chocolate-coated raisins.

AUTUMN LEGEND : A fudge brownie base followed by an Oreo cookie mousse and topped with pieces of snickers. This dessert is rounded off with a chocolate glaze and chocolate cigarettes.

AANIKA : Almond shortcake crust with raspberry mousse and a layer of framboise punched almond sponge, followed by honey nut nougat crunch in a creamy honey mousse. Finished with whole raspberries and accompanied by raspberry coulis.

OPIUM : An oreo cookie base, crème de menthe mousseline centered with a chocolate feuilletine sponge and finished with a chocolate glaze and After- Eight chocolates

AMBIANCE : A moist almond coffee cake thinly layered with a mocha chocolate mousse and a cappuccino brûlée center. Completed with mounds of chocolate covered toasted silvered almonds.

MOROCCAN : A velvety. smooth white chocolate mousse on a pistachio macaroon base layered with Kirsch soaked pistachio sponge and pistachio mousse.

SICILEN : An almond pistachio macaroon cake layered with vanilla and French pistachio mousse

GRAND MARNIER MOUSSE : A cake layered with white chocolate Grand Marnier mousse topped with milk chocolate ganache

DULCE DE LECHE AU POIRE : Chocolate sponge with Poire William, vanilla mousse and poached pears topped with a caramel mousse.

REINE DE SABA : Vanilla mousse cake with almond and hazelnut praline and a sprinkling of toblerone bits, topped with ganache.

MATCHA : Chocolate short crust base topped with a light milk chocolate bavarian and a pistachio sponge. This is layered with a creme brulee centre, Japanese green tea mousse and presented with a crunchy praline feuillete .

MANDARINE : Two layers of sacher cake combined with an orange mousse, mandarin liqueur and finished with mandarin oranges.

Chocolate based Mousse Cakes

SATAN’S KISS : A chocolate sable base topped with Toblerone and chocolate mousse followed by almond macaroon, praline, your choice of a coffee/hazelnut crème brûlée, and then topped with chocolate mousse and a chocolate ganache. Decorated with marzipan violin and a gold leaf.

PLASIR SUCRE : A chocolate cookie base with chocolate chips topped with a caramel mousse, a chocolate sponge center and a chocolate- caramel ganache. This cake is presented with tiny chocolate profiteroles and caramel sauce.

SATANIC CHOCOLAT : A walnut brownie base covered with chocolate ganache, followed by a walnut meringue, chocolate mousse and walnut praline, finished completely with chocolate ganache, piped chocolate mousse swirls and walnuts. Recommended only for chocoholics!

CHOCOLATE NOISETTINE : Two layers of almond walnut macaroons divided by a layer of chocolate and a layer of hazelnut mouse with a crunchy nut center.

BAVAROIS CHOCOLATE AU GRAND MARINER : A marbled dessert with a double flavored chocolate and vanilla sponge layered with a marbled chocolate and a Grand Mariner mousse.

PRINCESS : This almond sponge is layered with crisp almond crunch, a layer of caramel and milk chocolate mousse

MIKADO : A nutty meringue base topped with an almond hazelnut praline, layers of gooey chocolate mousse and presented with chocolate batons.

BAILEY’S IRISH CREAM MOUSSE : Two layers of coffee sponge, with chocolate mousse and with a layer of Bailey’s Irish Cream mousse

ELYSEE : A chocolate Swiss roll cake filled with a chocolate and coffee Bavarian cream punched with a choice of Kaluha or Tia Maria

FOO FAA - THE ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE CAKE – Chocolate, chocolate chip cake centered with vanilla pastry cream, completely covered in marzipan, finished with chocolate ganache and decorated with a chocolate angel.

ROCHER AU CHOCOLAT AU LAIT – Two Cointreau dredged chocolate sponges, one topped with milk chocolate mousse, filled with Ferro Rocher bits. The other topped with orange mousse with pieces of Ferro Rocher. The cake is presented with marbled orange juice, orange chocolate segments and orange rind.

LA BAMBA – A square shaped hazelnut brownie, topped with chocolate fudge frosting, finished with chocolate chips, chocolate dipped hazelnuts and chocolate coated raisins.

BOBBY : A special creation for Bobby !
A walnut brownie base topped with praline and covered with chocolate mousse.The cake is centered witha New York cheesecake followed by praline and another layer of chocolate mousse.This is finished with a thick layer of ganache and a droopy eyed marzipan puppy.

LE SULTAN : A layer of chocolate sponge soaked with hazelnut liqueur followed by a Chocolate mousseline. Next a macaroon topped with hazelnut mousseline. Followed by waves of chocolate and finished with tiny macaroons.

BAILEY'S IRISH CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE :  A Bailey's Irish cream chocolate sponge with a brownie base, an almond praline and a layer of chocolate mousse.

Fruit Based Mousse Cakes

MANGO MOUSSE CAKE : 2 layers of vanilla sponge layered with fresh sliced mangoes. One layer of vanilla mousse & one layer of mango mousse finished with mango slices.

ADIAMANTE : Vanilla sponges soaked in Limonchello topped with kiwi and layered with a light lemon/lime mousse. This cake has a lemon cream center and is completed with orange and lemon peel and glazed.

BLACK MAGIC : Chocolate sponge layers soaked in Maraschino, toped with poached cherries and a French vanilla mousse. Finished with fresh cherries in dark cherry Jell-O.
*Only when imported fresh cherries are available

ALOHA : A coconut dacquoise base with pineapple mousse and a coconut cream center. Finished with caramelized macadamia nuts.

NAPOLEAN : A thin short crust base, chocolate mousse with toblerone bits followed by a vanilla mousse with praline and topped with a fresh strawberry mousse. Presented with chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream.
*Available only when strawberries are in season.

FRAMBOISE : A chocolate fudge base topped with a white chocolate mousse followed by a raspberry coulis gel center and finished with a white chocolate marble ganache.

MILAYA : A pistachio-lemon short crust base- topped with mixed fresh seasonal fruit in a Sherry mousse. This is followed by a layer of pistachio sponge, raspberry compote and a crème brûlée center finished with an array of fresh flowers.

BIJOUX BLEU : Lemon short crust base topped with whole blueberries followed by fromage blanc mousse topped with a lemon sponge soaked with cassis and finished with blueberry compote.

SACRE BLEU : A combination of vanilla and blueberry mousse finished with a blue Curacao gel and whole blueberries.

MI PIACHE : A combination of strawberry and chocolate mousse with a sponge soaked in Godiva or Fraise liqueur. Topped with chocolate-coated strawberries.

OOOH LA LA – Macadamia shortbread base, followed by caramelized macadamia nuts and passion fruit mousse. A cranberry muffin, in the center, punched with cranberry liquor, and finished with sweetened cranberries covered in cranberry gel.

TUXEDO CHEESECAKE (*Seasonal ) – Vanilla sponge punched with strawberry liquor and topped with sliced strawberries in ganache, and followed by a fromage blanc mousse. The second layer of chocolate sponge is punched with chocolate liquor, topped with strawberry compote, sliced strawberries and a fromage blanc mousse. This cake is presented with whole “Tuxedo dressed strawberries”.

MARGARITA : Lemon sponge layers spiked with tequila mousse and a lemon curd center, finished with a white chocolate ganache

MANGUE : An almond cake soaked in mango juice and layered with a combination of vanilla Bavarian and a mango mousse centre.

PERLE DE CHINE : A sponge punched with Calvados layered with poached apples cinnamon mousse.

LAROSE BLANCHE : Twin layers of chocolate sponge, with a white chocolate mousse lined and topped with fresh strawberries.

TROPICAL BAVAROIS : A refreshing cake with fruits of the season layered with vanilla bean bavarois and punched with any fruit of our choice-raspberry, strawberry, kiwi, lychee, pear, apple, cherry or black currant.

STRAWBERRY CHARLOTTEE : This dessert has a Swiss- roll base with a vanilla Bavarian cream and a strawberry mousse. Punched with liqueur Fraise and finished with glazed fresh strawberries.

ORANGE KIWI : Almond sponge soaked with Cointreau, layered with an orange Cointreau mousse and topped with fresh kiwi

JAMAICAN ISLAND : A cake consisting of layer of pineapple mousse and layer of rummy raisins in a vanilla mousse on a chocolate almond sponge base.

Bowl Presentations

ABERRY-MISU (*Seasonal ) : A bowl presentation of layers of sponge topped with strawberries and intermittent layers of Mascarpone and completed with strawberry chocolate shavings.

B 2 : A coffee sponge base, topped with almond crunch and layers of mocha and Tiramisu mousse with a coffee sponge center. Finished with a light mocha ganache and chocolate shavings. This dessert is presented in a bowl.

TIRAMISU : The famous Italian dessert with Amaretto or Marsala made with the original Italian Mascarpone cheese.

LE TIRAMISU CHOCOLATE : Tiramisu... with a twist !
A cake consisting of 3 layers of espresso soaked layered with a light cream of mascarpone and chocolate . Finished with white chocolate and cocoa.

MOZART : 2 layers of chocolate sponge textured with praline divided by 2 layers of hazelnut mousse. The surprise factor --- a Vanilla Crème Brulee centre !!


TARTE D’ORSAY : Almond short crust filled with macerated dry fruit in an almond cream topped with pine nuts and finished with a chocolate glaze

TARTE ST MICHEL : A graham cracker base topped with a cream cheese filling and whole blueberries and baked. This is presented with crème fraiche and blueberry compote.

TARTE TROCADERO : Pate sable with poached pears and a raspberry gel, baked with a flan filling and finished with crème chibouste and then torched.

TARTE PIGALLE : A tart layered with chocolate cream centered with a lemon filling and presented with lattice work pastry.

TARTE MADELINE : Pate sucree lined with fig compote and a cinnamon crème chibouste and finished with fresh figs and cinnamon sticks.

TARTE LOUVRE : Pate a foncer with a light pistachio cream combined with a mixed nut center and finished with a flaky praline.

TARTE CONCORDE : Pate sable coated with chocolate topped with almond dacquoise and a disc of crème brûlée. It is torched and finished with fruit of the season and vanilla bean.

TARTE CHAMPS ELYSEE : Sable piecrust baked with a coconut cream and finished with glazed fresh fruit and garnished with lemon and lime juliennes.

TARTE MONTMATRE : Cinnamon pastry base filled with a raspberry-apple mix and presented linzer-like and served with crème anglaise.

LULU (*Seasonal) : A pistachio tart filled with vanilla and pistachio praline crème patisserie, loaded with glazed strawberries and completed with crème anglaise & strawberry sauce. Presented with fresh strawberry compote.

GOING NUTS : A chocolate sable crust lined with a layer of creamy caramel, topped with toasted pecans and macadamia nuts. This tart is finished with a satiny chocolate mousse, white chocolate shavings and caramelized pecans.

BLUEBERRY PIE : A pate-sable piecrust lined with hazelnut chocolate, passion fruit crème patisserie and topped with oodles of blueberries

PECAN PIE : A slight variation to the traditional pecan pie-it has chocolate too.

CAPPUCCINO TRUFFLE TART : A walnut-crust pie with dense bitter chocolate truffle and light coffee mousse

ALPINE TORTE – A tart filled with apricots and frangipane which is covered with a layer of marzipan and torched, and finished with apricots and blanched almonds.

MANGO PIE : A pate-sable pie crust lined with hazelnut chocolate, passion fruit crème patisserie and topped with fresh mangoes.


MOTHERLODE BROWNIES : Fudgy moist brownies topped with butterscotch , Hawaiian macadamia nuts and chocolate chips.

OPERA : A thin cake with layers of dark chocolate ganache and coffee butter cream

24 Karat : A carrot cake with pineapple, walnuts & raisins layered & topped with lemon flavored Philly cream cheese

Austrian style Coffee Almond Cake: A coffee and almond cake with a chocolate wafer center and a coffee fudge frosting....

Cup Cakes


 Red Velvet


 Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Frosting


 Chocolate Cupcakes with Fudge Frosting


 Vanilla Cupcakes with Frozen Raspberries with a Cream Raspberry Frosting


 Lemon & Blueberry


 Hazelnut filling


 Caramel filling


 Mascarpone filling


 Pistachio filling


 Cappuccino filling



 Chocolate Chip Cookies


 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


 Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies



 Eclairs with Vanilla Filling


 Eclairs with Chocolate Filling


 Eclairs with Cappuccino Filling

Loaf Cakes


Banana Walnut Loaf Cake


 Carrot Pineapple Loaf Cake


 Apple Cinnamon Loaf Cake


 Maple Pecan Loaf Cake


 Double Chocolate


 Molasses & Ginger




 Vanilla Chocolate Chip



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